What's New

January 2021

Hello again!

And welcome to my updated website, yes we decided to have a bit of a face lift during the pandemic, so I hope you like the new format. It should be easier for everyone to navigate and many thanks to Dem for updating it.

So as you can see I'm still doing Telephone, Skype and Face-to-Face readings every day and I'm also doing Astro Charts and Email readings all of which you can find on the Online Store and most popular on the homepage. Due to Covid-19 I cannot do face to face readings at the moment but all the others work equally well. I do them every day and that's because the information comes through me, not from me, using Clairvoyance, Psychic ability and often Mediumistic connection. I work with my guide to try and get answers and see things that are coming, to get some insight into people's issues. I also use the cards and the runes as tools.

I have filmed a pilot for a new Channel 4 TV Show about psychics but unfortunately Covid-19 had put that on hold, it's also put my usual London visits to clients on hold as well. But my feeling is that things will be better after March-April and I'm sure I'll be able to resume these activities then. It also means that Psychic Today had had to go on hold for me and so has another go show Psychic Angels, so at the moment I'm mainly working from my home in Brighton. All of my services, including lessons in Tarot & Psychic Development are still available.

You can catch me on YouTube now as well if you just type my name in.

Thank you all for your continued custom and thanks to all my lovely friends and family for their love and support and I'm happy to announce my marriage (which is also delayed) to my partner this year.

This has been a terrible time for all of us, but my feeling is that things will improve later in the year.

Much love and keep safe,
Tristan xx
07879 589 510
[email protected]

Book News

I am featured in a book!

This book is now available featuring yours truly, which is about a couple, Toby and Sarah (who are truly lovely) and their search for spiritual understanding in their marriage. They speak to all sorts of priests, therapists and weirdoes like me. It is really fun and interesting and you can order it on Amazon, or from bookshops (where else!)

My Autobiography plus more

You can find my own book, the story of my (slightly unusual...ahem!) life in the Online Store.

Another wonderful thing that happened last year for me is that I finally got to meet Rufus Wainwright (see the Links page) and here is a picture of him and myself. (not a very good one I'm afraid it was dark!)


I still continue to do reflexology at home and home visits for those who are interested. See the section about Reflexology on this site too. The price is £25 for an hour. This is proving to be a very successful addition to my services and most who try it are finding it very beneficial indeed. I will be adding massage on in the next year so watch this space.

Also PLEASE do visit the Sightsavers site which is on the Links page of the site, it's a wonderful charity which helps restore site to people in Africa so that they can help themselves to work and plant crops again. There are children with cataracts and obviously adults too who, for the sake of a simple operation, could fend for themselves again. Imagine what it must be like to lose your sight and imagine how wonderful it is to give the gift of sight back to them. I've supported this charity for many years and for the sake of £3 pm you can make the world of difference. I know its difficult with so many charities asking but even if you click on the link and visit their website they are given money so please do.

Other free readings

Please check out the links on the Links page where you can do a free Rune reading or another type of Tarot reading and a free Astrology chart!