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Summer 2023

Greetings everyone!

Thanks for dropping in. So far this has been a very busy year for me, so many thanks to all my clients and a special thank you for the people who have returned that saw me years ago. So far I'm in mg 30th year of working as a clairvoyant tarot reader and I recently celebrated by doing a weekend of divination techniques that I haven't done for years, wax divination (which is like tasseomancy) something I love doing, crystal ball scrying and numerology readings, which I am now doing as a regular addition to my other offers which as always will be phone readings, face to face readings, palmistry, astrology, Skype readings and tarot parties etc. All of my services are listed on the online store on this site and can be booked by clicking on the tab that is relevant and booking it by PayPal the process being that you pay for it thru PayPal and then contact me to make an appointment or the other way round if you like and if you need more information the number is 07879589510.

I'm afraid I can't do email readings at the moment due to time restrictions. Also for face to face readings you just need to contact me, I am still happily based at my flat in Brighton.

I also work several days a week on "Ask the answer" which is one of the biggest psychic websites and long established. I'm usually there most days except Mondays and Fridays and usually between 4/5 until 8pm but my hours may vary.

I'm also currently working on two books and have been for a while one is an updated biography of my journey as a professional psychic and the other one is fiction but I'll put more details about that in time to come.

We are still planning to do our own YouTube tv series but that has been slightly delayed will update you when we have done it and obviously you'll have a link thru my site I'm also planning to do more London dates in October which I will also update.

I want to wish everyone in Brighton a very happy pride weekend on August 5th/6th and I'd like to thank all my clients and very dear friends for thier continuing support. And a big thank you to my partner Laszlo for coming back from work overseas to look after myself and my beautiful Dog when I was in hospital a few months ago. All healed now thanks as well to all those who sent healing to me at the time, it must have helped cos I’m alive and kicking again 🥳 That's about it, except check out some new sites I'm adding to the links page.

Love, light and laughter to all,
Tristan ✨💫
07879 589 510
[email protected]

Book News

I am featured in a book!

This book is now available featuring yours truly, which is about a couple, Toby and Sarah (who are truly lovely) and their search for spiritual understanding in their marriage. They speak to all sorts of priests, therapists and weirdoes like me. It is really fun and interesting and you can order it on Amazon, or from bookshops (where else!)

My Autobiography plus more

You can find my own book, the story of my (slightly unusual...ahem!) life in the Online Store.

Another wonderful thing that happened last year for me is that I finally got to meet Rufus Wainwright (see the Links page) and here is a picture of him and myself. (not a very good one I'm afraid it was dark!)


I still continue to do reflexology at home and home visits for those who are interested. See the section about Reflexology on this site too. The price is £25 for an hour. This is proving to be a very successful addition to my services and most who try it are finding it very beneficial indeed. I will be adding massage on in the next year so watch this space.

Also PLEASE do visit the Sightsavers site which is on the Links page of the site, it's a wonderful charity which helps restore site to people in Africa so that they can help themselves to work and plant crops again. There are children with cataracts and obviously adults too who, for the sake of a simple operation, could fend for themselves again. Imagine what it must be like to lose your sight and imagine how wonderful it is to give the gift of sight back to them. I've supported this charity for many years and for the sake of £3 pm you can make the world of difference. I know its difficult with so many charities asking but even if you click on the link and visit their website they are given money so please do.

Other free readings

Please check out the links on the Links page where you can do a free Rune reading or another type of Tarot reading and a free Astrology chart!